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Although trained in all aspects of dentistry, Dr. Philips is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has chosen to dedicate his services exclusively to its practice. He has successfully placed more than 7,000 porcelain veneers, and is experienced in all aspects of aesthetic smile makeovers. Dr. Philips is the author of Your Guide to the Perfect Smile and published to the dental industry the Smile Pattern Classification. He can provide a comprehensive smile analysis that identifies any problem and can determine for you viable options for your aesthetic solutions. His smile solution may include the incorporation of dental implants, laser gum surgery, non-orthodontic aligning, teeth whitening, composite bonding, or other advanced techniques. Dr. Philips understands that smile design must be custom-tailored to the individual, therefore he works closely with his patients to establish their aesthetic goals.

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At The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry, patient satisfaction is the driving force. The spa-like setting is the first of its kind in Toronto, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. The unique design includes only one dental chair, illustrating the focus with which Dr. Philips approaches each patient, and guaranteeing privacy. Dr. Philips excels at blending the art and science of crafting beautiful smiles. With an unblemished record of success in smile design, he can assure his patients of realizing the perfectly balanced smile of their dreams.

At The Studio a consultation is so easy. You don’t need to provide your previous dental records and your confidentiality is assured if you are looking for a second opinion

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