Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

Would you like to look in the mirror and see beautifully straight teeth when you smile, but you do not want to go through the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing metal braces on your teeth? You may be able to achieve the results you want much more comfortably and discreetly with the help of Invisalign. To learn more about Invisalign teeth straightening in the GTA, visit Dr. Ed Philips at the Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in Toronto.

What Is Invisalign?

You have likely heard of Invisalign, as it is the most popularly chosen alternative to metal braces for straightening teeth. When you choose this treatment process, a series of clear aligners are designed to fit your mouth. These smooth and comfortable aligners place a subtle amount of tension on your teeth, allowing them to gradually move into the desired position. Over time, you can move from one aligner in the series to the next, with each aligner allowing for more progress.

What Can I Expect When Starting Invisalign?

The first step in your journey toward straighter teeth is a consultation with Dr. Ed Philips. During this appointment, we will take dental x-rays and perform other examinations to determine the current health and alignment of your teeth. Dr. Philips will use this information to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign and will determine the outcome that you can expect from this treatment.

If it is decided that you should proceed with the treatment, Dr. Philips will fill out a prescription, which is sent to Align Technology, Inc. Work will then begin on clear aligners that are carefully crafted to fit your teeth exactly. Once your finished aligners arrive, we will ensure that they do fit you comfortably and will go over the simple treatment process with you moving forward.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Unfortunately, clear braces are not always a viable option for teeth straightening needs. They are best used to correct mild to moderate alignment problems. If your teeth are very misaligned, or you have one tooth that is significantly overlapping another, or if you have other serious problems to address, you may need metal braces or other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dr. Philips can help you address any dental problems that are keeping you from being a candidate from Invisalign or can otherwise help you determine an aesthetic dentistry plan that will allow you to see the best results possible.

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Benefits of Choosing Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

Metal braces have been the method used to straighten teeth for many years. What is it that makes Invisalign a better choice? There are numerous benefits to consider, including:

  • Comfort and Discretion

    It is understandable why people might opt out of wearing bulky metal braces. They do not want to deal with the brackets and the wires, the discomfort, and the embarrassment. This makes Invisalign a very attractive alternative.

    Users simply slip on a transparent aligner that is custom fit to their teeth. Once the aligner is in place, you can smile and talk normally and most people will not even notice that you are wearing anything and you will barely feel like anything is on your teeth. You may feel a small amount of pressure on your teeth, as they are being realigned, but this feeling is extremely minimal.

  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

    Maintenance of metal braces is quite the chore. Some braces require the placement of rubber bands to provide more pressure and keeping the braces clean requires a lot of patience, plucking, rinsing, and cautiousness.

    If you are wearing Invisalign, you can remove your aligner while you eat, brush and floss your teeth normally, and then put your aligner back into place. This allows you to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, and there’s no risk that food will become trapped next to your teeth because of brackets and wires.

Is Invisalign a Worthwhile Investment?

While it may be more convenient and comfortable than wearing metal braces, Invisalign still requires a significant investment of time and resources. You may be wondering if these clear aligners will make an impact that is significant enough to be worth the investment.

There are two primary benefits that come with completing Invisalign treatment:

  • Improved Appearance

    Invisalign straightening treatments can improve the look of your smile, giving you the straight, aligned teeth you want. Even subtle changes in alignment can make a big difference in your overall smile. This can greatly improve your confidence and happiness.

  • Better Oral Health

    Straighter teeth are also healthier teeth. Teeth that are misaligned have more areas in which food and plaque can accumulate and become difficult to remove. When teeth are straight, it is easier to brush and floss more effectively, reducing the risk of stubborn build-up.

Why Choose Dr. Philips?

Invisalign teeth straightening treatments can only be prescribed and fitted with the help of approved dentists who have the skills and training necessary to complete a safe and effective treatment plan. Dr. Ed Philips is your resource for such services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Dr. Philips has been providing impeccable aesthetic dentistry services for nearly three decades now. Not only does he have numerous happy clients throughout Toronto, but he is also asked to lecture on topics pertaining to cosmetic dentistry at institutions across North America and internationally. He can help you with your Invisalign needs and any other cosmetic dental procedure you might be considering.

When you visit the Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry for an Invisalign consultation and follow up appointments, you will have the added benefit of enjoying a spa-like dental office that is both welcoming and relaxing. We pride ourselves on making each and every client as comfortable as possible. To learn more about Dr. Philips and one of the leading cosmetic dentistry offices in the GTA, contact us at 416-597-6453.

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