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Expertise & Experience

Dr. Edward Philips began his practice in 1978 by training in the Department of Dentistry at the Toronto Hospital For Sick Children where he spent much of his time and interest in the cranio-facial department.  His early roots in cosmetic dentistry are based on this training.  His Studio practice is limited to aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Philips has been actively featured in numerous newspaper, magazine and fashion shows as well as radio and television.  He has acted as a consultant for numerous dental production and communications companies and is a key opinion leader for the leading dental materials manufacturing companies.  He has been instrumental in developing industry computer software programs for companies such as Exan, Geni and Dencis.

His enthusiasm for smiles extends far beyond his office walls. Dr. Philips is a recognized international and local speaker and has received numerous awards and honours from his fellow colleagues.  His past teaching appointments include Course Director for Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Continuing Education; Senior Clinical Instructor for Aesthetic Dentistry, New Millennium, Niagara College; the Post-graduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry at the University at Buffalo, SUNY; Continuing Education Course on Cosmetic Dentistry for the Ontario Dental Association; Post-graduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry at Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry and Professor for the Faculty of Health Sciences, George Brown College.

His passion to excel his clinical expertise and share his experience with his colleagues can best be viewed by reading his long and extensive Full CV.

I was fortunate enough to have undergone early training at the Craniofacial Department at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. Working with plastic surgeons affected how I began looking at teeth and understanding their importance in one’s overall appearance.

Career Summary

1971 – 1974

Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

1974 – 1978

D.D.S., University of Western Ontario

1978 – 1979

Department of Dentistry, The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

1981 – 2008

Member of the Executive Council for Toronto Central Dental Society

1981 – 1986

Chairman Dental Health Month Toronto


Awarded Presidential Citation from the Ontario Dental Association for his Dental Health Public Awareness Campaign

1989 – 1996

Ontario Dental Association Board of Governor

1991 – 1992 / 1996 – 1997

President of The Toronto Central Dental Society

1992 – 1995

Elected to Executive Council of the Ontario Dental Association

1995 – 1998

Professor with the Faculty of Health Sciences of George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technologies

1996 – 1997

Elected to Board of Directors for Canadian Dental Protective Association

1997 – 1999

Course Director for Aesthetic Dentistry,
University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Continuing Education

1999 – 2013
Senior Clinical Instructor for Aesthetic Dentistry,
Millennium Aesthetics Hands on Program

2006 – 2007
President of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry

2009 – 2013
Editor for Toronto Dental Life Magazine

Colleague Testimonials

“Ed provides a practical blueprint for immediate results, fashioning winners out of patients, staff and dentists.”

Woody Oakes, DDS, FAES, Founder, Excellence In Dentistry, Inc.

“A most successful course, you are to be commended for your pioneering and leadership.”

Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans, New York, New York

“Ed Philips is one of the up and coming cosmetic experts, and presents real life practical solutions that can help anyone expand their cosmetic practice.”

Dr. Roger Levin, President, The Levin Group

“Dr. Philips, one of Canada’s only dentists limiting his practice to aesthetic dentistry, is a great speaker, author and person. A truly excellent presenter and clinician!”

Dr. Lawrence Pearson, Editor, Continuing Education Update

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