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Even the smallest imperfections in your smile can cause you to feel self conscious and unhappy with your appearance. The good news is that you may not need to undergo invasive, expensive, or time consuming dental procedures to fix these problems. It might be possible to make major improvements to your smile with the help of teeth contouring services. If you are located within the GTA and you are interested in dental contouring, Dr. Ed Philips provides these cosmetic dental treatments in Toronto.

What Does Teeth Contouring Mean?

Teeth contouring, also known as dental contouring, refers to the reshaping of the teeth. Dental instruments are used to make subtle abrasions to the teeth, wearing away chipped or pointed edges, and changing the overall shape of the tooth.

This procedure is used to address teeth with small chips, rough edges, or sides that overlap onto adjacent teeth. All of the teeth may be reshaped slightly to make the teeth appear straighter. A cosmetic dentist essentially uses the existing teeth in order to sculpt teeth that are straight and smooth, when possible.

What Can I Expect from the Teeth Contouring Process?

The first thing Dr. Philips will do is check to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for teeth contouring. He will do a visual inspection and take dental x-rays of your teeth. You need to have a healthy and strong foundation before any reshaping can begin; this reduces the risk that any damage will be caused to the teeth during the treatment.

Next, Dr. Philips will discuss with you the possible outcomes that you can see with the help of dental contouring. As this treatment option uses your existing teeth, the amount of change that can be achieved is limited to each unique circumstance. A pen is used to highlight the areas that will be sculpted to give you and your dentist a clear view of the changes to be made.

Finally, a sanding instrument is used to carefully contour the sides and surfaces of the teeth, depending upon the treatment plan chosen. Once the teeth have been reshaped and minor imperfections sanded from the surfaces, Dr. Philips will smooth and polish the surfaces.

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Benefits and Advantages of Dental Contouring

Tooth contouring offers numerous advantages, especially when compared to other more extensive dental treatments. A few of the most notable benefits include:

  • Safe and Painless

    Tooth contouring is a very non-invasive dental procedure. During the procedure, your cosmetic dentist carefully and precisely removes very small amounts of surface enamel. There is generally no need for anaesthesia and patients experience very little discomfort. The treatment can also be completed fairly quickly, with no recovery time needed.

  • Improved Oral Health

    If you have teeth that are crooked and/or overlapping one another, this makes it difficult to brush and floss effectively. After the teeth contouring treatment is complete, the edges of the teeth are smooth and straight, making it less likely for plaque to build up between the teeth.

  • Affordability

    Dental contouring is one of the most cost efficient ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. While it may not provide results that are as drastic as veneers or braces, contouring can provide similar changes at a fraction of the cost. If the imperfections on your teeth are minor, this is definitely a very valuable option.

  • Convenience

    When you choose to change the appearance of your teeth using braces, you must commit to a very long and involved treatment process. With teeth contouring, you simply must practice good oral hygiene to see great long-term results from your investment, which you should be doing anyway!

Are You a Good Candidate for Tooth Reshaping?

There are two things dentists look for to determine if you are a good candidate for tooth contouring:

  • Healthy Teeth and Gums

    First, your teeth must be healthy to be able to handle the contouring. If your teeth are showing signs of decay or if your gums are unhealthy, dental contouring is not going to be a suitable treatment plan. Teeth that are weak or compromised in some way are at risk of breaking once the dentist begins sanding down the enamel. Teeth that have previously undergone root canals will also not be acceptable for contouring.

  • Mild Cosmetic Problems

    Tooth contouring is especially effective when the changes that need to be made are mild to moderate. If your teeth are extremely misaligned, there is little that contouring is going to be able to change. This treatment allows the dentist to make subtle changes to the appearance of your teeth. If your teeth have minor chips or have edges that need to be smoothed, then it is certainly a good option to consider.

If you are still unsure whether or not this treatment is suitable for you, you can always schedule a consultation with Dr. Philips in out Toronto offices.

Why Choose Dr. Philips?

When it comes to the health and appearance of your smile, you do not want to take any chances. This is why patients throughout the GTA have been coming to Dr. Ed Philips for over two decades now. Throughout his long and impressive career, Dr. Philips has been dedicated to studying the latest, most effective, and safest techniques available in Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Philips trained in the Department of Dentistry at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, has served as the Course Director for Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Toronto, has taught and lectured at institutions across North America, and has published work in numerous journals. He is widely recognized as a leader in Aesthetic Dentistry.

When you visit Dr. Philips for teeth contouring in Toronto, you can rest assured that you will receive reliable and wise recommendations for treatment and your procedure will be completed with great care and precision. If you are located within the GTA, Dr. Ed Philips you will benefit greatly by choosing Dr. Ed Philips for your cosmetic dentistry and teeth contouring needs. Contact our offices today to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

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