The Steps to a Same Day Implant

The Steps to a Same Day Implant

What’s the process for getting a same day implant? Many people ask this question. Traditional implants can take multiple visits over the course of several months, so naturally the idea of having implants completed in one day is quite appealing to many patients. Time arrangements for implants can be a challenge to manage for those having a tough work and home schedule. Or some people may wish to get their implant as quickly as possible to avert feeling awkward in public – especially if the missing tooth affects their smile.

Getting a same day implant is a safe, and quick way to have a tooth or several missing or broken teeth replaced. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate for this type of procedure, a CT scan will be made of your mouth so that your dentist can determine the size and placement of your implants and temporary crowns ahead of time.

On the day of your implant surgery, both the implants and temporary crowns will have arrived from the dental lab, and you’ll be able to go home that same day with your beautiful new smile. During the implant procedure itself, there are three main steps:

  • Extraction: If the tooth is not already missing, or if there is any part of the root left, this must first be extracted. It is important to have a very skilled dentist who can carefully remove the tooth without damaging the underlying bone structure which must remain in place in order to support the implant.
  • Placement of the Implant: Once the root is removed, a screw-like artificial root (the implant) made of titanium is placed into the tooth socket. Over time, this will fuse to the surrounding bone. A skilled dentist such as Dr. Ed Philips will make sure that the implant is placed in stable bone to avoid any shifting or potential complications.
  • The crowning touch: finally a temporary crown (or the artificial tooth) will be fitted to the implant. This is a completely natural prosthetic that looks and functions like a real tooth. This will remain in place until the implant has fused to the bone and healed before being replaced with a permanent crown.

Post procedure checkups: You may also need to plan for post procedure checkups. During the recovery period after the implant you may choose to stay on soft foods for as long as your own personal treatment recommends. Your dentist will also show you a modified way of flossing to avoid loosening the temporary crown. As the implants heal, you will have several checkups to ensure healing is progressing normally. Usually these appointments take less than an hour.

The final step: This is a great day to have on your schedule! While the temporary teeth you’ve had to this point look and feel natural now that your gums have completed healed, it’s time for the permanent replacements. Because of all the work was done prior to this visit this will not take long, and you will leave with an even stronger, beautiful smile.