What are Porcelain Veneers? How are they different than Bridges?

If you’ve ever had a dental related question, but were too shy to ask – or simply too confounded to understand – take a moment and check out my book, A Guide to the Perfect Smile. If you’ve ever wondered about porcelain veneers, bridges, or dental implants, this book will cover everything in great detail. Below is an excerpt for your enjoyment. Thanks for taking the time!

“I have managed a successful general dentistry practice in Toronto since 1979. However, in 1997 I decided to make a major change in how I practiced dentistry and in my lifestyle. Since that time I have concentrated my efforts on a separate and dedicated practice, the Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry. This practice, also in Toronto, is unusual, having only one chair, taking one case at a time, and focusing totally on dentistry to enhance people’s smiles.

Through speaking, writing, research, and teaching, I have helped many dentists develop their understanding and practice of cosmetic dentistry. I have done this primarily through my definition of the smile and quantification of smile patterns, types, and stages, all of which are described in detail in this book.

I constructed my theories and methods out of necessity because I couldn’t find courses, articles, books, or practitioners that gave me what I needed in a straightforward format.

I have written this book out of necessity, as well, in order to bridge a gap between patients and dentists. Numerous technical books are available on aspects related to the smile, but they are aimed at professionals and the public does not have easy access to them. Some general interest books on dental makeovers are out there, too, and they give readers some details on the treatments that are available. However, they do not give them a language for expressing their subjective observations of their smiles such that their dentists can deal with those observations in a quantifiable, objective way. More specifically, till now, no book has been available to help patients and dentists score smiles on a methodical, ten-step system and put together a game plan for treatment.

I owe a great deal of thanks to many people for their help in the development of the theories behind this book and for getting the book into your hands. Beyond my teachers, mentors, and my patients themselves, I want to thank my studio director, Billie Jo Sabo, who manages both my practice and me (the latter being her bigger challenge). As well, I should like to acknowledge my wonderfully supportive partners, Dr. Paul Custorei and Dr. Bob Feeley, who have stayed true to our partnership, giving me the freedom to explore my aesthetic needs at the Studio.

Of course, my greatest gratitude, goes to my wife, Ann, and our six daughters: Yona (and her husband, Isser), Atara (and her husband, Dael), Adena, Shayna, Orlee, and Daniella. All have loved me, supported me, and cheered me on throughout the writing of this book, as well as throughout the years of discovery, study, and practice that preceded it.

Finally, I want to thank the power or powers that be for giving me a passion for like, a desire to grow and excel, to wake up every morning anticipating what the day will bring. Who knew?”
Edward S. Philips, D.D.S.

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