Lumineers: A Simple Way to a Beautiful Smile

Lumineers: A Simple Way to a Beautiful Smile

Chipped, broken and asymmetrical teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile, but they can have a profound impact one’s self confidence. Until recently, veneers have been the treatment of choice – however today, a newer product on the market called Lumineers is offering patients the same dramatic results but requires much less drastic measures.

Lumineers offer a simple and painless process to a perfect smile. Digitally designed to be very thin, these are applied seamlessly over your teeth. In some cases, these are as thin as a contact lens. The result is a natural, flawless smile. The ease of the process and the attractive results are the reason this is one of the most requested procedures Dr. Philips receives from patients wishing to achieve a natural looking smile.

Advantages to over traditional veneers

Not only are traditional veneers thicker, most processes will call for aggressive removal of sections of healthy teeth. This means the process also takes longer and there is soreness associated with it. Temporary veneers will also be necessary between treatments which further extends the total time needed. Lumineers, on the other hand, is a shorter, simpler process that’s much less intrusive.

What to expect during a consultation

First, only dentists who are certified for Lumineers such as Dr. Philips can offer this procedure. During your initial consultation the dentist will explain the process in detail. An impression of your teeth is made. Pictures of your teeth, dental records, and a mold of both lower and upper teeth are then sent to an authorized lab. Unlike those who are opting for veneers, there is no drilling, or anesthetic, and just as important – you won’t need acrylic temporary veneers.

Getting your Lumineers

The toughest part can be waiting for your new smile. It usually takes a couple of weeks to ensure the perfect fit, and appearance, but when your Lumineers are ready, you can return to the dentist for your fitting. The dentist will ensure the fit, and then a moderate etching of the teeth prepares them for the bonding. The only painful aspect is waiting again, as the dentist ensures each of the placements are perfect and bonds each tooth. This can take a few minutes for each individual tooth in order to see that all contacts between upper and lower teeth are correct. This care will allow you to eat and chew with no problems. The reward for all this patience in the dentist chair is getting to see your new perfect smile.

After the procedure

It’s important to take care of you Lumineers. Keep up with regular dental maintenance, and checkups. Take note any information or recommendations your dentist gives you. Most keep their new smile for several decades with little aftercare. This is a procedure many opt for rather than having braces or other ways of handling imperfections. Often, this procedures is the choice for those anticipating a big life changing event such as graduation, weddings, or an important new job. Keep in mind this new smile can last for many years if you take care of it.